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Chapter 01

“Minsoo-ah! Minsoo-ah! Han Minsoo!” shouted a girl with jet black hair. She ran along the corridor with a big smile on her face. She looked so happy till another students glanced at her weirdly. While the girl that was called Minsoo already stopped her step. She spun her body then smiled.

“Oh, Yoomi-ah.” answered Minsoo kind. She watched her best friend caught her breath. But, something in her hand made her curious. She was going to ask Yoomi about it, but the meant girl already opened her mouth.

“Minsoo-ah, you have to see this! Look, look!” Yoomi stretched her hand so Minsoo could see it.

“What is this? A paper?” asked Minsoo clueless. She then took a better view to the paper in front of her.

“It’s an invitation–”

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Minsoo never expected to be called a peeper by Jungkook.

Jungkook never expected Minsoo to be someone so important.

Subin never expected Minsoo and Jungkook were classmates.

Those three would experience a journey that all of them never expected.

And you should find out what would they do in their unexpected life.



Hii ^^ maknaemoon is here. btw, this is my first English fanfic kkk. So please give this story much love and support hahaha. And I’m just gonna tell u ryt now that I’m not a fast update author, okay. So, please wait while I’m writing the chapter 🙂

Luv luv luv :***