Chapter 01

“Minsoo-ah! Minsoo-ah! Han Minsoo!” shouted a girl with jet black hair. She ran along the corridor with a big smile on her face. She looked so happy till another students glanced at her weirdly. While the girl that was called Minsoo already stopped her step. She spun her body then smiled.

“Oh, Yoomi-ah.” answered Minsoo kind. She watched her best friend caught her breath. But, something in her hand made her curious. She was going to ask Yoomi about it, but the meant girl already opened her mouth.

“Minsoo-ah, you have to see this! Look, look!” Yoomi stretched her hand so Minsoo could see it.

“What is this? A paper?” asked Minsoo clueless. She then took a better view to the paper in front of her.

“It’s an invitation–”

“We are invited to Jungkook’s party?” cut Minsoo puzzled. She never expected Jungkook to remember her name although they actually had many same classes together.

“True! How cool it sounds, hehehe. We’ve never been invited to any kind of party that the popular held before. But, this year is surely different. Maybe, they finally remember our faces or at least, they know us.” Said Yoomi full of confidence.

“Hm, who knows? But, I think it’s the first time Jungkook hold the party.” Uttered Minsoo. Yoomi only nodded as response.

Suddenly, laughter could be heard behind them. The laughter was too familiar for Minsoo.

Too loud, annoying, and disgusting.” Thought Minsoo irked.

“Hey, the popular is coming.” Said Yoomi with sparkling eyes. She was always their fan from the start. Totally opposite with the girl beside her.








“I know. Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.” Answered Minsoo shortly. Then, she pulled Yoomi to walk than being captivated by their charms.

This invitation is really suspicious. Since when do we know each other?” wondered Minsoo while she was walking. She shook her head a few times thinking about it before shrugged it off like nothing to care.


Minsoo rested her head on the table. She took some deep breath before closing her eyes. She wasn’t asleep. She was just thinking about the invitation. She really loved to come. Oh, it would be her first party ever since she got accepted in Seoul University. However, there were many things to worry about.

What should I wear? How would I get there? How much money will I spend? Ugh, I’m really hopeless.” thought her.

Then, she lifted her head to check if the teacher had come. But to her surprise, she saw Yoomi was talking to Jungkook that was busy flirting with another girl. And to her dismay he was seated in front of her. Once again, in front of Minsoo’s sarcastic eyes.

What the heck Jungkook, as if there is nothing better to do.” Thought her annoyed. She was just about to close her eyes again, when suddenly an idea came up to her mind.

Thereupon, Minsoo shifted her seat forward to hear what they were talking about. She tried to hear clearer until her brows knitted together.

“There is no punishment for eavesdropping, right?” thought Minsoo nonchalantly.

“Jungkook-ssi, am I really invited? Or is it only a prank?” Minsoo could hear Yoomi asking groggily.

“Oppa, did you invite everyone in this class?” the girl that was flirting with Jungkook suddenly joined the conversation. Minsoo could only cringed hearing her voice. As long as she remembered the girl’s name is Shi Kyung and she was never been in this class before. She must be tailed that Jungkook guy. Not that Minsoo really cared anyway.

“Oh! Yes, of course. You are invited. Yoomi, right?” answered Jungkook. He turned his head from Shi Kyung to Yoomi and smiled. Yoomi then nodded enthusiastically.

“Really? So, my friend Minsoo is also invited?” asked her again with a big smile on her face. Minsoo’s ears perked up hearing her name being mentioned.

Yoomi! What are you doing! This girl is unbelievable.” complained her in mind. She shifted her seat quickly before Yoomi and Jungkook realized her foolish doings.

“Yup!” nodded him while he glanced at Minsoo. Minsoo turned her head to other direction as if she didn’t hear anything. Her eyes also wondered everywhere but Jungkook.

Huft, that was close. What would he think about me if he knew I was eavesdropping?” asked her to herself.

Shi Kyung that was flirting with him looked annoyed. She felt left out in the conversation. She suddenly pulled Jungkook closer to her. Talking about an attention seeker.

“Oppa! Why are you ignoring me?” she threw tantrum at Jungkook to. At that instant, Jungkook gave her a peck on her cheek.

“Sorry, I was talking with Yoomi. Forgive me, please?” said him with aegyo. He also showed his guilty smiled that looked so fake in Minsoo’s eyes.

I’m going to puke in any seconds.” Thought Minsoo in disgust. On the other hand, Yoomi could only blink and gaping in confusion seeing the scene. She didn’t move from her place until someone shouted at the class.

“Yah! Jungkook-ah, stop flirting in the class, could you?” Jungkook abruptly stopped what he was doing and searched the person who called him.

“Taehyung hyung! Woah, did you just come? Good for you. The teacher hasn’t come yet.” responded Jungkook to his friend. A blonde guy with funny and a little bit creepy grin named Taehyung. They high fived together when suddenly the teacher came in. Abruptly, everyone rushed back to their seats.

“Phew, I’m so lucky today!” Taehyung proudly smiled to himself. He plopped down beside Jungkook.

“Yea, yea, whatever.” The other boy only snorted to Taehyung before they finally shut their mouths.


Taehyung and Jungkook actually messaged each other using their phones during the class. They talked about the upcoming party and some hot chicks in the university. Giggles could be heard from their seats. While Minsoo really irked because they were too noisy.

Why do they sit in front of me? Why do I have to sit here? I should’ve sit near Yoomi. Oh, my luck is suck.” She complained in her head while glaring at the boys back.

She prayed hoping the teacher would see the two doings. But, unfortunately not because it was finally break time.

“Huft, God saved them. How lucky.” Uttered her to herself. She was walking to Yoomi when Taehyung suddenly stood on his chair proudly.

“There goes the creepy grin on his face.” thought Minsoo. Jungkook only shook his head amused seeing his friend weirdness.

Taehyung cleared his throat to get attentions “Ehm, ehm, ehm. Can all of you hear me out first before you get out of this class, please? Just a second.” Minsoo then turned her head to him with a fake curious face.

I never thought the popular actually has a freak in their group. Hahahha.” Mocked her in mind. Her thought was disturbed when she heard someone said, “Minsoo-ah. You should stop spacing out. Taehyung is gonna tell us something about the party.” Yoomi shook her shoulder with sparkling eyes. Whereas, Minsoo thought party is a bit waste of time. But, seeing Yoomi looked so happy hearing about the party she felt guilty to tell her friend that she doesn’t want to come.

“Okay, I’m Taehyung. I think all of us already know each other, right? So, let’s skip the introduction. I’m as Jungkook’s representative gonna tell you about the party.” Started him proudly. Minsoo could hear some giggles at the back. Then, she glanced at Jungkook. He was smiling sweetly like a prince charming. But, of course Minsoo wouldn’t say it.

“So, everyone in this class is invited to the party. The party will be take place in Jungkook’s house. The address is on the invitation and for the dresscode, just wear something nice, okay?” told him enthusiastic. Everyone nodded in response. Some of the girl even saying yes in flirting tone. Minsoo saw Yoomi nodded happily. She must be really happy she was invited by the popular population in the university. She was always curious about the popular and always interested about everything that the popular did. Minsoo sometimes thought that Yoomi is creepy when her ‘the-populars-is-really-cool’ mode is on. On the other hand Minsoo is really and absolutely not interested with the populars. In her dictionary, the populars means causing troubles. So better stay away from them. But here she is, getting invited to their ‘popular’ party. And she can’t say no because she didn’t want to dissapoint Yoomi. They’ve been bestfriend since middle school.

“You’ll come to the party, right?” asked Yoomi suddenly. She just come out from nowhere scaring Minsoo that has been spacing out from ‘only-God-knows-when’.

“Gosh! You should stop that spacing out habit.” Told Yoomi leisurely. But then she looked at Minsoo with hoping eyes. And of course Minsoo understand what the other girl meant.

“I’m stll thinking, Yoomi-ah. I don’t know if my shift already over or not that day.” Said Minsoo sheepishly. She really couldn’t say yes to the offer. She has jobs. Many jobs. She should asked her boss first.

“Ah, I know you will say that. But, I hope we can come together okay!” Yoomi looked gloomy for a while but her cheery atmosphere come back in a second making Minsoo relaxed.

“Let’s go grab some food then.” Offered Minsoo trying to change their topic. Yoomi nodded excited as replied and took Minsoo’s hand. Both of them left to the cafeteria while swinging their intertwined hands. Bestfriend will never let you down, you know.


Author’s Note: Hello my must be really patient readers, hehehe. It’s been ages since we met. Finally the chapter 1 is come. I’m really happy for this achievement, u know. And I’m in my last semester before I go to univesity. For sure the next and next chapters will be late just like this one. But I’m trying to improve my writing skills and make a long updates. Thanks for ur love and support. I’m really glad and happy for all of u my patient readers. Don;t forget to leave comment and subscribe. Upvote if u sure to do it hahaha. see ya sooon~~~

Love u all ❤ ❤ ❤


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